• Posting Plan Simulation:


- Prepare a baseline fractal analysis with current posting plan


- Prepare a new fractal analysis with the new posting plan



• New Unit Schedule Simulation:


- Prepare a baseline fractal analysis with current unit schedule.


- Prepare a new fractal analysis with the new unit schedule.

The Process:


JB Gilbert will meet with key company personnel.  He collects approximately a month of call history data; however, the amount will vary depending on other analyses to be performed. An understanding of standard chutes times are documented. Unit schedules and the current posting plan will be collected. This data is formatted for input into the unique Dispatch Simulator created by HPEMS Simulations.  A new posting plan or a new unit schedule is also collected and formatted for entry. A posting plan simulation or a unit schedule simulation will be provided and along with a response time fractal analysis of your current plan compared to the new plan.


The Dispatch Simulator allows for scheduled units to be placed into and out of service based on the unit schedule provided. Posting plans can be used based on day of the week and hour of the day, allowing for even the most complicated of posting plans to be simulated.




  • Potential response time savings can be achieved and crucial seconds captured.

  • Limited disruptions to actual operations to validate new posting plans.

  • Shift bid process is only performed after a new unit schedule is validated limiting the impact on Paramedics and EMTs.

  • Current staff can have input on new posting plans and those plans then verified, thus offering staff buy-in to new posting plans.

HPEMS Simulations was founded to prevent the implementation of unproven posting plans and unverified unit schedules. It is difficult to know if new posting plans and unit schedules will work. The industry has relied on knowledge of the market and professional experience to surmise the appropriate action in these cases. HPEMS Simulations offers a more efficient approach through its innovative Dispatch Simulator. Receive the most updated, quantitative results to assess new plans and schedules with HPEMS Simulations.