• Conceived and created a patent-ready process (dispatch simulation) that can save lives by reducing response times. (One market yielded a 13 percentage point improvement in response time compliance.)

  • Succeeded in identifying, analyzing and documenting $1.5 million in operational cost savings (9% increase in EBITDA).

  • Reduced the daily processing time for one Field Compliance department from 7 to 2 hours.

  • Conceived, designed and created a unit hour database, where 3,000 entries could be maintained daily in 30 minutes and used in UHU calculations.

  • As an IT Business Analyst, worked on 45 projects, leading to over 250 successful system implementations (directly worked on 80 system implementations).

  • Developed a MS Excel tool that estimates ambulance fleet requirements for markets; later integrated this into a P&L pro-forma forecasting tool.  (In 15 minutes, an executive can estimate whether a new market will be profitable.)

  • Graduated with Honors in Mathematical Science from Memphis State University and was a USTFF All American.