JB Gilbert
EMS / Public Safety Data Analyst

John Robert "JB" Gilbert was educated as a mathematician / statistician and has experience as an IT Business Analyst, along with experience as a Business / Operations Analyst. While working for an ambulance company, JB had the responsibility to calculate and report response time compliance to multiple cities and to provide data analysis for the ambulance service. Improving response times became an obsession, and JB learned and performed System Status Management tasks for nine years. This background makes him uniquely qualified to offer consulting services in HPEMS.


Developing a creative and innovative process of HPEMS dispatch simulations to improve response times, JB formed HPEMS Simulations LLC. Using EMS call history, unit schedule history, current posting plans to formulate a simulation, a baseline fractal analysis is created for comparative purposes. If a new posting plan is being considered, after simulation, a new fractal analysis can be produced to provide quantitative proof of the new posting plan’s merits. Likewise, if a new unit schedule is up for consideration, after simulation, a new fractal analysis can also be produced to provide quantitative evidence to the merits of the new schedule. In both cases, simulated results provide managers an idea of the performance of a proposed posting plan and a new unit schedule before it is implemented.


JB also has the skill and experience to perform other system status management planning functions according to your needs. He would like the opportunity to provide the above unique services for your company and improve your response times.


I have known JB for many years and often worked with him on projects while he was Compliance Manager at Rural/Metro Ambulance. He was always able to efficiently retrieve, organize, and present the performance data we needed and took the initiative to constantly review information to monitor and improve efficiency and performance.

Kristofer Schleicher
General Counsel, MedStar Mobile Healthcare

I worked with JB on the successful reorganization of a multi-billion distribution business. JB was responsible for the continuation of the day to day operations as well as developing applications for the new platform we were transitioning to. He was always thoughtful, organized, and flexible. I didn't know JB before the project and we emerged as friends. It would be a true honor to work with him again.

Kevin Thrash, CTP
Executive Vice-President, American Commerce Bank

At very reasonable costs to us, JB has identified a potential cost savings of over $1.25 million.  JB has proven himself to be an asset to our operations.  His timely presentation to our management staff has opened our operations to significant improvement opportunities. 

Conrad T. “Chuck” Kearns

Chief Executive Officer, Southside Fire EMS Security

Immediate Past President - National Association of EMTs